List of My Heroes/People I Admire (In No Particular Order)

1/12: Christopher Nolan

“I never considered myself a lucky person. I’m the most extraordinary pessimist. I truly am.”

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"It was Bill. I blame it all on Bill."
— Fred on why he broke during The Californians (x)
You’re incapable of sincerity.
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In the end credits, the Coffee Shop Manager is credited as just Coffee Shop. Quentin Tarantino said this was because when Tim Roth puts the gun to his head and says “Are you gonna be a hero?”, the manager only says “I’m just a Coffee Shop-” before Tim Roth cuts him off and starts yelling again.

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The Dating Game: Bachelor Number One & Two

(And no, they didn’t get picked.)

“There is a bookie I know that takes bets…”

 Jason Sudeikis helps Joseph promo his SNL appearance this weekend HERE and HERE.