"Old or young, a true knight is sworn to protect those who are weaker than himself, or die in the attempt.” - Brienne of Tarth

"He does this for you."


Star Trek Meme: five relationships (1/5)

Spock & Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy "don’t agree with me spock, it makes me very uncomfortable"

Bill and Taran hugging. Help. 

Bill and Taran hugging. Help. 


Apaixonada, simplesmente!

Andys Serkis, Martin Freeman e Richard Armitage dizem “Hello” para os fãs brasileiros!!! 

Richard, Martin, Elijah, & Andy @ Japan Premiere

Richard, Martin, Elijah, & Andy @ Japan Premiere

Lannister meme | Eight Dynamics
♔ (1/8) Jaime Lannister + Tyrion Lannister

And Arya… he missed her even more than Robb, skinny little thing that she was, all scraped knees and tangled hair and torn clothes, so fierce and willful. Arya never seemed to fit, no more than he had… yet she could always make Jon smile. He would give anything to be with her now, to muss up her hair once more and watch her make a face, to hear her finish a sentence with him.



Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle. Who knows?

It’s something unpredictable but in the end is right.

I hope you had the time of your life. 

She wondered if he would still call her “little sister.” I’m not so little anymore. He’d have to call me something else.