"Why did you say that?" Arya hopped to her feet. "You’re not my brother.". "That’s right," he said angrily. "I’m too bloody lowborn to be kin to m’lady high." Arya was taken aback by the fury in his voice. "That’s not the way I mean it."

'Joffrey sneered. “You're the monster, Uncle.” “Am I?” Tyrion cocked his head. “Perhaps you should speak more softly to me, then. Monsters are dangerous beasts, and just now kings seem to be dying like flies.”’

"I will not linger long, he remembered thinking. I will die soon, here in the dark.

Davos soon found that he was wrong about that, as about so much else.”

"The cold rain lashed them both and washed away her shouts, and all that Arya could think of was the question he had asked her. Do you know what dogs do to wolves?

"No one would take Squab captive, or Nan, or Weasel, or Arry the orphan boy. I was a wolf, she thought, but now I’m just some stupid little lady again.”

“‘I’ll try’. Grimacing he took a step. ‘I’ll try hard’. And then another.”

“‘Bran,’ he said sullenly. Bran the Broken. ‘Brandon Stark.’ The cripple boy. ‘The Prince of Winterfell.’ Of Winterfell burned and tumbled, its people scattered and slain.”

"He means well, Dany reminded herself. He does all he does for love.”

Fear cuts deeper than swords, she whispered under her breath, the words that Syrio Forel had taught her, and jaqen’s words too, valar morghulis.”

"And did you see where I was seated, Mance?" He leaned forward. "Did you see where they put the bastard?
Mance Rayder looked at Jon’s face for a long moment. “I think we had best find you a new cloak”, the king said, holding out his hand.

(A Storm of Swords)

"I will give Lyanna your love, Ned. Take care of my children for me." The words twisted in Ned’s belly like a knife.

"Small wonder the sky cells drove men mad. Gods save me, some previous tenant had written on the wall in something that looked suspiciously like blood, the blue is calling. At first Tyrion wondered who he’d been, and what had become of him; later, he decided that he would rather not know.”


my family breeds  wild winter seeds, like me

game of thrones meme: eight friendships or otps [2/8] → Arya & Syrio
Do you pray to the gods? The old and the new. There is only one God and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: “Not today.” 

They make you swear and swear.