Oded Fehr as → Ardeth Bay (The Mummy)

Oded Fehr as  Ardeth Bay (The Mummy)

World Cup 2014 semi final - Germany x Brazil - 08.07.2014

make me chooseBucky Barnes or the Winter Soldier (asked by buckybarnesis)

Neymar and David Luiz - Quarter Final match between Brazil and Colombia - 04.07.14

music meme ⇌ [1/12] Music Videos

♫  SMOOTH CRIMINAL ~ Michael Jackson [x]

music meme ⇌ [7/9] Albums


  1. Politik
  2. In My Place
  3. God Put a Smile upon Your Face
  4. The Scientist
  5. Clocks
  6. Daylight
  7. Green Eyes
  8. Warning Sign
  9. A Whisper
  10. A Rush of Blood to the Head
  11. Amsterdam

make me chooseLoki or the Joker (asked by tonofstupidness)

make me chooseBucky or Loki (asked by bloodbuzz-smartypants)

man of the match.

man of the match.

Joachim Löw - Germany x Portugal: Group G -  16.06.14

Joachim Löw in action during the German National team training at Campo Bahia - 14.06.14

Sebastian Stan as → Jefferson / Mad Hatter (Once Upon a Time)

Sebastian Stan as  Jefferson / Mad Hatter (Once Upon a Time)