Every year I do a little Pushing Daisies marathon, and every year I say to myself ‘I have to draw Ned and Chuck together !’. And every year I forget. Well not this year ! Enjoy my ultimate otp :D

                I would have followed you.


the forehead kiss

When Steven is unhappy, I know our relationship is in good shape.
Then we’ve been tip-top since the minute I met you.

the red god takes what is his, lovely girl

and only death may pay for life

Tintin and Captain Archibald Haddock

“You’re my best friend in the whole space-time continuum!” - Marty to Doc, Back to the Future The Game


Bill: I think she’s awesome. The thing about Kristen that always blows my mind—and other writers feel the same way—is that every week, she has a new move that no one has seen before. 
Kristen: Well, that’s how I feel about you, and that’s how a lot of people feel about you. I’m throwing it back at you. 
Bill: Awkward pause.



Entire bonus post

Tony Stark & Bruce Banner →  Science Bros: The College Years

“They were very chummy and relied on each other quite a bit,”-James Cameron




I just love both of them