If it was up to me to save your life, would you trust me to do it?


from two of my favorite Studio Ghibli films,

I give you prince mononoke and lady howl. I had alot of fun painting this ! hope you guys like.

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Smaug had come! For dragons covet gold with a dark and fierce desire. Erebor was lost ~ for a  d r a g o n  will guard his plunder as long as he lives…


❝Vulcan destroyed, his mother dead…That kid’s got no home,

We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried; most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita… “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”
—Robert Oppenheimer, The Decision to Drop the Bomb, 1965

The Most Beautiful Trees In The World

  1. Portland Japanese Garden, Portland, Oregon. Photo: Unknown
  2. Red maples trees path. Photo: Ildiko Neer
  3. Most beautiful wisteria tree in the world. Photo: Brian Young
  4. Yellow autumn in Central Park, New York. Photo: Christopher Schoenbohm
  5. Amazing Angel Oak Tree, Charlston, Photo by Mark Requidan.
  6. Cherry blossom tree path, Germany. Photo: Shoeven
  7. California in autumn. Photo: Mizzy Pacheco
  8. Jacaranda trees in bloom, South Africa. Photo: Falke
  9. Ponthus beech tree in Brocéliande forest, France. Photo: Christophe Kiciak
  10. Beautiful cherry blossom road. Photo: Unknown

Philipp Seymour Hoffman animated illustration for The New Republic’s Ipad version.


Philipp Seymour Hoffman animated illustration for The New Republic’s Ipad version.


Smaug likes gold. 


Smaug likes gold. 


If I go back, I will not forgive myself

If your father has his way, we will do nothing. We will hide within our walls, live our lives away from the light, and let darkness descend. Tell me mellon, when did we let evil become stronger than us?

But there was in Thranduil’s heart a still deeper shadow.



Ask us no questions and we’ll tell you no lies


you’re going to get you and everyone under your command killed

Devdas + blue

All around you are spirits, child. They live in the earth, the water, the sky. If you listen, they will guide you.

For Frodo.