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The winners of the past five World Cups


is CBF srsly fucking with us all

i can name at least 3 tumblr users who could be a better coach for Brazil NT than Dunga. 


so much respect for the germany nt. they know that this result is humiliating. our team is a mess, they are scoring but it’s like they feel bad for celebrating. i honestly hope they win this world cup. they came here so ready, and unlike the other teams, they didnt complain about anything here, they just did their job.

other teams complained about the weather, germans trained at 1PM to get used to it. the other teams said bad things about our country (even while they were being treated so well by the brazilian people), the germans did nothing but say that they are grateful to be welcome with so much love and passion here.

i’m obviously sad with brazil’s result but i’m glad that we are not losing to a team that don’t deserve to be champions and don’t behave like good people.


Louis van Gaal.. why the FUCK did you put Clasie in? you needed to fucking safe that substitute for Tim Krul. We all knew Argentina was pushing it for penalties so go figure what to do. In the first place you never should have put Nigel de Jong in when he had such a short time to recover of his injury. Also apparently Robin van Persie didnt feel well enough a few days ago to play this match but yet again you put him in and he is offside all the time. If he doesnt feel well then dont let him captain the Netherlands in the semi-finals! I’m pissed cause my Germany-Netherlands final is fucked up because of these poor decisions and my mom is sadimage


Do not fucking blame Jasper Cillessen. One of the reasons why he probably is not a really good penalty stopper is because he played in the SECOND Dutch league (In Ajax U21) until October. He is quite unexperienced. Do not fucking blame him.


Sometimes it really hurts to be a team that never won a world cup and that deserves it so much.

I’m so proud of what the netherlands nt did this world cup and it seriously sucks that we couldn’t make it to the finale because of the penalty shootouts.

I guess this year it wasn’t meant to be, just like 4 years ago.

Everything happens for a reason and everything has a reason why something isn’t meant to be, but I really do hope one day we’ll be able to lift that world cup and that day will simply be an amazing and deserving day.

No one believed that they would even have a chance to get this far this year and they proved everyone wrong and never gave up when things looked grim.

I will never stop saying how freaking proud I am of them and keep fighting! One day that cup will be yours.

To all the people complaining about the xkit app costing $1.99:


Do you know which app is free?

The Tumblr app.

Do you know which app is shitty and buggy and full of lag?

The Tumblr app.

Apps take time and money to make. The xkit guy has given us YEARS of excellent FREE service. Don’t begrudge him the chance to make back what he’s already given us for free.

If you can’t afford it - fine. Continue to use the desktop xkit FREE OF CHARGE.

But don’t shit on someone who has literally only ever tried to make Tumblr better for us.

“Without Neymar they will spread their match on many shoulders. Until now, everything was focused on him. He is the star. Now the team is the star.”
- Manuel Neuer.

Brazil’s David Luiz, Budweiser Man of the Match

Brazil’s David Luiz, Budweiser Man of the Match

First day of quarter-finals  //  World Cup 2014


Boromir/Fíli parallels


Thiago silvaaaa :DDD