FC Bayern München 6:0 SV Werder Bremen | 10/18/14
Xabi Alonso | Post-Match Interview.
About his goal: “Well, I saw the idea here on this pitch last year when Madrid played and Cristiano scored like that so I remember it and [the goal] came from there: make them jump and shoot low. And well, I’ve had a bit of luck.”
Anonymous said: Sorry, I'm a big fan of LOTR, your posts and equality and it was an unnessisarily rude comment. But was it really sexist? I think she was just stating a fact. He was in the books, and Tauriël wasn't. That's true. Is that sexist? I'm just wondering.


Ok, here’s the thing about posts like that. Here’s some things that weren’t in the films that weren’t in the book:

  • Radagast
  • Kili being poisoned with a morgul arrow
  • Legolas
  • Azog
  • The entire Ringwraith subplot thing
  • A lot of the films as a whole

However, I rarely, if ever, see people taking issue with the inclusion of the above. If people do take issue with aforementioned plot points, it’s in generally well thought out meta or a critique of the films as a whole. However, when it comes to the inclusion of Tauriel, suddenly everyone is up in arms about how ‘she wasn’t in the books’ and subsequently is not deserving of a.) screen time b.) graphics & gifs c.) character analysis. I have no issue with people being annoyed about the Hobbit films largely deviating from the the canon material, even if I happen to enjoy the bulk of the deviations myself. 

However, the vast majority of the criticism garnered towards Tauriel is borne out of sexism. While it is absolutely true she was not in the books, I’m disappointed by how many people refuse to acknowledge her presence not only as a positive aspect of the film adaptation, but very much in line with so many of the themes Tolkien championed in his works. It’s not fair that Tauriel is singled out and more or less shamed/looked down upon for “not being part of the books”, when so much of the films deviate enormously from canon material. 


Everyone points out that Robert Downey Jr basically IS Tony Stark, but the same can be said for Mark Ruffalo who basically IS Bruce Banner.


I mean-









It’s pretty obvious-


That he-



 IS Bruce Banner.


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Argentina diceme como se siente…


I think we all know what’s coming tomorrow!

"It was one of the best games of my career for Manchester United and I’m really happy with the saves, the win and for the team as well. It’s difficult to say something about the crowd. When they sing your name like this, it is unbelievable."

- David de Gea

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→ Euro 2016 Qualifying rounds:
Matchday 2.

TV listings: October 9th | October 10th | October 11th
Matchday 3.
TV listings: October 12th | October 13th | October 14th
(Qualifying fixtures .pdf)

→ Friendlies: 
October 8th: 
Ecuador vs. Colombia (17:00 CET)
October 11th: 
France vs Portugal  (20:45 CET)
October 11th: Mexico vs. Honduras (3:00  CET)
October 11th: South Korea vs. Paraguay (13:00 CET)
October 11th: Brazil vs. Argentina (14:05 CET)
October 11th: USA vs. Ecuador (01:00 CET)
October 11th: Chile vs. Peru (02:00 CET)
October 11th: Colombia vs El Salvador (01:00 CET)
October 14th: Armenia vs France (18:45 CET)
October 14th: Hong Kong vs Argentina (13:50 CET)
October 14th: Japan vs Brazil (12:45 CET)
October 14th: Korea Republic vs Costa Rica (13:00 CET)
October 15th: USA vs Honduras (02:00 CET)
October 15th: Canada vs Colombia (03:15 CET)
October 15th: Chile vs Bolivia (01.00 CET)
[full fixture (2) + tv listings] <-
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SNL Promo: Bill Hader

Classic Hader, baby.




Tuesday, October 7

  • European-based players join Brazil-based players at the Intercontinental Beijing
  • 12:45pm: Press conference
  • 3:30pm: Training at the Aoti Olympic Sports Centre Stadium

Wednesday, October 8 / Thursday, October 9

  • 12:45pm: Press conference
  • 3:30pm: Training at the Aoti Olympic Sports Centre Stadium

Friday, October 10

  • 12:45pm: Press conference
  • 4:00pm: Training at Birds Nest National Stadium
  • After: Dunga speaks to press

Saturday, October 11

  • 9:05pm: Superclássico das Américas vs. Argentina at Birds Nest National Stadium

Sunday, October 12

  • 1:45am: Fly from Beijing to Singapore
  • 5:00pm: Training at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore

Monday, October 13

  • 4:00pm: Training at Singapore National Stadium
  • After: Players and Dunga speak to the press

Tuesday, October 14

  • 6:45pm: Brazil vs. Japan at Singapore National Stadium


  • Goalkeepers: Jefferson (Botofago), Rafael Cabral (Napoli), Marcelo Grohe (Grêmio)
  • Defense: David Luiz (Paris Saint-Germain), Miranda (Atletico Madrid), Danilo (Porto), Filipe Luís (Chelsea), Juan Jesus (Internazionale), Gil (Corinthians), Dodô (Internazionale), Mário Fernandes (CSKA Moscow)
  • Midfield: Kaká (São Paolo), Oscar (Chelsea), Luiz Gustavo (Wolfsburg), Elias (Corinthians), Willian (Chelsea), Rômulo (Spartak Moscow), Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool), Everton Ribeiro (Cruzeiro), Souza (São Paolo)
  • Attack: Robinho (Santos), Neymar (FC Barcelona), Diego Tardelli (Atlético Mineiro)

*All times are local (CST/SGT), click here to convert to yours

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Don’t worry, you guys, there’s a counter to all the teams who want to slag off United for not being in the Champions’ League.

If a Liverpool fan asks you where we are in the CL, ask them where they’ve been since 2009. 

If a City fan asks you how it feels like not to be playing in the CL, ask them how it feels like never to have won it. Ever.

If an Arsenal fan brags about being in the CL while United isn’t, tell them that the real difference between the two clubs is United never celebrating fourth place like they’ve won the thing. Offer them 20 examples to back this point up.

If a Chelsea fan tells you that they’re going to win it again this year, tell them that they will still have won it one less than us. Whoops. 

Alternatively, use their criticism to feed your rage until you get so angry that you bite their head off. Bury the body in a forest somewhere.