I live in hell.

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" Jaime is your eldest son, heir to your lands and titles. But he is a Kingsguard, forbidden from marriage or inheritance. The day Jaime put on the white cloak, he gave up his claim to Casterly Rock. "


"It should be this moment of huge triumph, and instead it is this moment of quiet emotion: ‘I’m home, and I remember.’ All the things that he remembers come flooding back to him. It’s so simple. There’s a beautiful simplicity to what he [Richard Armitage] did in that moment.” Philippa Boyens [x]

such a sweet promise to break…

He can’t win! That’s because our masked bandit’s a coward. He’s a fake; he’s a liar and a coward. He had his fingers crossed. He has to die.


Frerin, younger brother of Thorin, fell in the Battle of Azanulbizar, aged only 48.

Dwarf brothers in the company, with Thorin being on his own for futuremaker

It was hard for Olive Snook to close the door on the Piemaker’s breaking heart. 

sensei, aishite imasu

Be at peace, Son of Gondor.

My heart shall weep until I see you again ~

Elves wedded only once in life and that was for love and of free will. They had few children, but these were very dear to them. When one of the partners of an Elven marriage dies the marriage is not yet ended, but is in abeyance. For those that were joined are now sundered; but their union remains still a union of will.

And he never forgave and he never forgot.

Rest in Peace Heath Ledger ♥ (April 4th, 1979 → January 22nd, 2008)

Rest in Peace Heath Ledger ♥ (April 4th, 1979 → January 22nd, 2008)


non est ed astra mollis e terris via

there is no easy way from the earth to the stars