Tom Hiddleston moodboard // [inspiration]

Tom Hiddleston moodboard // [inspiration]

Sarah: Você já levou fora ou só você que deu fora?
David Luiz: Já levei. Adoro um “não”. As meninas que falavam não pra mim, eu ficava doido.
Sarah: Mas você conseguia ficar com elas.
David Luiz: Ah, umas sim, outras não. Outras… se arrependeram, né… (risos) Tô brincando.

But first, let me take a selfie!


Chris Evans Alphabet → Favorite (off-screen) Friendship


Natasha from Ironman 2 and Clint from Thor ^^


Natasha from Ironman 2 and Clint from Thor ^^

Favorite FilmsMinority Report (2002)

The fact that you prevented it from happening doesn’t change the fact that it was going to happen.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Concept Art » Weapons

When I went under, the world was at war. I wake up, they say we won... they didn't say what we lost.

It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing. Such a little thing.”


"i can’t fucking read"


Please, sit down. Sit down!

Sexism in Hollywood:

On the set of the Hollywood blockbuster movie Die Hard, Rickman’s principles ground a day’s shooting to an expensive halt. Not through temper tantrum or artistic crisis, but because he refused point blank to throw Bonnie Bedelia to the floor. Cast as the archly sophisticated terrorist Hans Gruber against Bruce Wills’ gun-happy hero, the script called for Rickman to perpetuate a degree of violence on the actress that he considered to be both offensive and inappropriate.

”A big victory was won on that film set in terms of not conforming to the stereotype on the page,” Rickman explains. ”My character was very civilised in a strange sort of way and just wouldn’t have behaved like that. Nor would Bonnie’s character, a self-possessed career woman, have allowed him to. It was a stereotype—the woman as eternal victim—that they hadn’t even thought about. Basically, they wanted a reason for her shirt to burst open. We talked our way around it—her shirt still burst open, but at least she stayed upright.”

—Alan Rickman, interviewed by Lesley White, ‘’The Leading Man’’, British GQ Magazine, July 1992: 74 (x)


game of thrones s4 one week challenge : day 7 - favourite main character  : Jon Snow